Key Services

Basic services

Healthy and nutritious meals

We provide healthy and nutritious meals for your children. During school days, your children receive 2 meals-lunch and tea. During holidays, you may choose to add on a third meal like breakfast.

Shower facilities

After a hot day at school with physical activities, your children can opt to take a shower so as to feel refreshed and invigorated for their after-school activities.

Homework supervision

The spaces in our centre are designed to give your children individual or group homework supervision. Our teachers have a planned timetable to help your children prepare for their  English/ Chinese spelling, show-and-tell as well as school homework.


Rest and relax

Reading corner and reading programmes

Use our reading corner to dive into a whole new world and be transported to lands beyond your children’s imagination.

Curated media

We select the best videos and movies to air to your children at designated timeslots to engage their audio-visual senses in learning.

Outdoor activities

The children are treated to outings and field trips during academic downtime to give them a balance between indoor and outdoor play.



Tuition services

Out of the box academy is powered by Scholar’s Inc. and Little Scholars who bring English, Math, Chinese and Science programmes to support your children’s academics. Weekday clinic classes are also the best way to keep your children up to speed with targeted scores and school curriculum.

Enrichment services

We partner with the best in Robotics, Art, Music, Speech and Drama, Sports to bring your children courses for holistic growth.


Holiday programmes

Whether your children or their siblings are currently enrolled with us or you are just looking to fill up their holiday time with meaningful nurturing, our longer June and December holiday programmes or shorter March and September holiday programmes are catered to add value to your children’s learning journey.