September Holiday Programme: ART ATTACK 2019

This September holiday, enhance your child’s creative power through an immersive artistic experience this September! From 2D drawing techniques to gigantic 3D art installations, hone your child’s learning ability through the power of art.

Decoding the Da Vinci Code

Do you know that math and science is very integrated in art? Understand and learn art techniques such as Pointalism, Cubism, Illusionism under the lives of Lenoardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and Michael Angelo.

Children will conceptualize a painting using one of the techniques and bring home a completed artwork on canvas, handmade candles, clay sculptures and leather craft.

It is Pretty YUMMY!

Cooking and baking is an art form and children get hands-on experience making their very own raindrop cakes, popping boba pearls, and form galaxies on their cakes! It would be a pretty yummy bake-off!

The Dragon Kiln

Do you know Singapore has a dragon kiln? Built in the 1940s, the Dragon Kiln at How Kwang is one of the oldest surviving brick-built kilns in Singapore for wood-firing. The Dragon Kiln was used for the mass production of cups and functional wares to meet the demands of household and industrial use. Children get to visit this historical kiln as part of their Art & Cultural learning journey.

Event Period

Date: 9-13th September 2019
Time: 10am-5pm daily
Meals: Lunch and snacks provided daily
Age group: 7-12 years old

Art Attack 2019

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